Launching a New Cloud Service? Follow These 6 Essential Tips to Make Sure Training Gets Handled Right

Your new service launch strategy is quite rightly focused on areas such as time-to-market and the actual operational release, but if you neglect to properly consider education as part of your planning, your roll-out strategy may be at risk.

When it comes to launching a new product or service, these best practices around education will set you up for success.

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SMBs Drive Need for New Cloud Partnerships, Channels

A growing trend in SMB services is opening the cloud market to a wider base of vendors – and resellers like you should take notice.

While each small business is unique, their enormous cumulative impact can be tracked in a single direction – moving toward the cloud. This shift is causing a ripple effect for the technology companies that serve them.

According to data from the Small Business Administration, the 23 million American small businesses account for 54 percent of all sales, providing 55 percent of current jobs – and 66 percent of jobs created since the 1970s. Many of these SMBs conduct business online, head-to-head with large enterprises. With the cost of technology, advertising and operations, how can they compete?

Be Smart. Start Now to Get Your Share of the Office 365 Land Grab

Yesterday, at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC), they made a market-changing announcement with the unveiling of their new Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. This program expands the opportunity for Microsoft’s partners to resell Microsoft Office 365 as well as other cloud services, including Dynamics CRM Online, and eventually Azure. Great news! Whether you are a hoster, telco, distributor, or VAR, you will be able to stay at the center of the customer lifecycle with direct management of monthly or annual billing, provisioning, and technical support. Microsoft will provide APIs so you can directly integrate your systems.

But…there is a catch.

Newsflash: If You Think You Know Where the Cloud is Headed, You’re Probably Wrong

At the recent GigaOM Structure event, renowned venture capitalist Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures made a few very profound comments about dealing with the uncertainty of technology. Captured in The Virtualization Practice blog, Khosla’s comments can be summarized as follows:

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The Online Mismatch (Part 2): How to Drive More Sales Online

In my last blog, I discussed how SMBs view online presence as a key research channel but in most cases stop short of making a purchase through an online store with more than 90% of cloud sales being driven through offline channels. In this blog, I will look at how you convert the online opportunity into sales reality.

There are two key areas to address to really ramp up your online sales numbers:

Focus on driving traffic to your site
Your online presence should be treated like any other sales channel that needs the support (and investment) of marketing and lead generation activity to thrive. Leverage tools like search engine marketing, banner placements and offers on key sites...

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