The Second of Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery: Provisioning of Unique Service Offers

The ability to provision quickly and automatically is critical to building unique and sophisticated service offers. Billing for all services must be unified, and license management must be automated in order to simplify and enhance the customer experience. Product managers should be equipped with a self-service interface for creating and launching new bundles in order to reduce time to market.

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The Online Mismatch (Part 3): Completing the Circle, Closing the Sale

While you can and should be fielding an excellent, high-functioning, easy-to-navigate online sales channel, it remains absolutely critical that you continue to focus on and improve your other sales channels to assist customers in making the purchase decision.

Following are the three critical pieces of your “multi-channel” marketing and sales strategy that will help you close sales that start online, and meet your customers when and where they want to interact with you:

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The First of Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery: A Flexible Delivery Platform

Having worked with thousands of service providers over the past 14 years, interviewed tens of thousands of SMBs on their purchase habits and intentions, and enabled some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies to deliver cloud services, Parallels has a unique understanding of the cloud services industry.

Parallels has identified five critical factors that are common to the most successful cloud service providers. By leveraging these factors, these providers are able to completely automate service delivery from end to end in order to optimize operations, streamline billing, lower support costs, and increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

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Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery

With the worldwide market for cloud services projected to surpass $125 billion annually by 2016, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to get into the cloud. However, successfully making the transition into delivering cloud services is definitely easier said than done. Whether you want to add cloud service offerings to traditional voice and broadband services, or start a SaaS brokerage from scratch, there are some key concepts to be aware of as you consider your approach to monetizing this huge opportunity.

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The Prescription for Success in Cloud Services

So far in this blog series we have focused on “big picture” market trends and customer behavior patterns. But to understand our customers’ true purchase decision drivers, we went straight to the source.

We recently asked more than 750 SMB customers to rank the following eight cloud service solution provider attributes (listed in alphabetical order):

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