Parallels Automation Training Improves Employee and Reseller Proficiency, Boosts Productivity

Did you know that Parallels offers training and certification to equip both your technical and non-technical users to become proficient using Parallels Automation?

Parallels Cloud University combines self-paced, eLearning courseware and trainer-led classroom education to give your team the knowledge it needs to get up to speed, increase productivity, and quickly resolve customer support issues.


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Cost Control and Agility: Key Drivers of Government Cloud Adoption

The continuing economic problems sweeping across Europe the past few years, which have been impacting other markets one way or another, are driving governments to rethink their IT strategy. This includes re-evaluating the potential of big data and cloud to improve public service delivery in the face of declining IT budgets.

"The key drivers of cloud adoption and government IT investments are the same: reducing organizational cost, improving business processes/productivity, and meeting compliance requirements," said Adelaide O'Brien, research director, IDC Government Insights. "Though governments use a mix of in-house and external resources, such as business applications, IT vendors, and consulting firms – the total cost of the cloud solution usually tops in their list of consideration in choosing cloud partners for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)."

The Fifth of Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery: Leveraging an Open Standard

Open technologies standards create efficiencies, opportunities, and communities. Standards reduce risk for adopters by providing options for platform and service extensions that will drive business growth.

Every cloud service provider has unique needs, so an open standard for cloud service delivery is critical to getting the most from your platform investment and improving operational efficiency. Here are some questions to consider:

The Fourth of Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery: Presenting a Simplified Customer Experience

Simplification of the user experience is a key driver of innovation in technology. It’s often the key factor on which a purchase decision is made for items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many other devices and services. It should come as no surprise that simplification of the customer experience for cloud services will become an increasingly more important service differentiator as new and attractive experiences are brought to market and customer preferences evolve. A great user experience is clearly critical.

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The Third of Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery: Multi-channel Sales Enablement

Application marketplaces are important, but businesses still prefer to buy from people, so the ability to enable multiple channels to sell your cloud services is also critical.

Supporting a channel of resellers can be demanding. By providing them with self-service access to the resources they need most, service providers will operate more efficiently and reseller support requirements are minimized.